The scopes have multiple advantages versus any other scopes in the market. They are extremly bright in their picture. The lenses are made out of a special sapphire glass in order to prevent distortion at the crisp and sharp picture, due to discolouration of the glass lenses in competetive scopes.

All the scopes have a patented length extension compensation. This allows the scope to autoclave more times than any other scope in the market.

Don’t go for less, go for the best GOLD VISION telescopes.


  • Gold version
  • Autoclavable, 134oC
  • Larger magnification
  • Lenses made out of sapphire glass to prevent distortion
  • Extremely durable, with two year warranty
  • Wide angle
  • Highest resolution and depth of view for a brilliant picture and excellent illumination
  • Polished, coated Swiss lenses


2.7mm, 0 degree, length 302mm


4mm, 0 degree, length 490mm


5.5mm, 0 degree, length 544mm


LocaMed introduces the newest GOLD VISION telescopes.


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