Hernia Plugs

Hernia Plugs

Pre-Shaped Plug, with 'No Touch System'.


  • A pre-shaped plug with a variable geometry ajustable to the inguinal orifice.
  • An applicator which guarantees an insertion without any contact (No Touch System).
  • A prehension thread which allows to reposition the plug.
  • Available in 2 sizes :
  • Diameter 8 cm (3,2") Réf. TEplug-M
  • Diameter 10 cm (4")   Réf. TEplug-L
  • delivered with a mesh Talfi-8

 The advantages of Easy Plug:

  • Ease of use
  • Lightness
  • Effectiveness
  • Composite
  • A package ready for use


The Easy Plug family is divided into 3 subgroups:

  • SurgiMesh Easyplug
  • SurgiMesh WN Easyplug
  • SurgiMesh WN Easyplug (No Touch)


SurgiMesh WN Easyplug (No Touch)

  • A new concept:
    • The variable-geometry per-shaped plug can be fitted to the inguinal orifice
    • The applicator guaratees the mesh fitting without any contact (No Touch System)
    • Gripping threads enable to move the mesh
    • 2 models are available


Ref: Product
Part No. SurgiMesh EasyPlug
E33Sgp SurgiMesh EasyPlug s (small)
E33Mg SurgiMesh EasyPlug M (medium)
E33Lg SurgiMesh EasyPlug L (large)
TEalfiS-8 SurgiMesh WN T-EasyPlug S (small)
TEalfiM-8 SurgiMesh WN T-EasyPlug M (medium)
TEalfiL-8 SurgiMesh WN T-EasyPlug L (large)
TEplugM SurgiMesh WN T-EasyPlug M (medium) "No Touch System"
TEplugL SurgiMesh WN T-EasyPlug L (large) "No Touch System"
TEalfi10F SurgiMesh WN T-EasyPlug L (large) "Star System"
PlugM SurgiMesh WN T-EasyPlug M SOLO (medium) "No Touch System"
PlugL SurgiMesh WN T-EasyPlug L SOLO (large) "No Touch System"


1 mesh per box

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