Stone Retrieval Baskets

Stone Retrieval Baskets

The Nitinol basket is the perfect choice for flexible endoscopic retrieval of kidney and ureteric stones. LocaMed’s Nitinol retrieval baskets are of high quality and extremely competitively priced.

Nitinol retrieval baskets have the following benefits:

  • Disposable
  • Extremely flexible and kink resistant, enabling a full deflection of a flexible ureterorenoscope during stone manipulation
  • No critical joins between the basket and shaft; manufactured from continuous Nitinol wires
  • Strong radial force
  • The tip of the basket covers the edge of the sheath in closed state, allowing atraumatic insertion of the catheter
  • Ergonomic 3 loop handle for enhanced one-handed operation and ease of use, allowing controlled and safe stone removal
  • The basket can be rotated via the handle: 1 to 1 torque for optimal steering
  • Atraumatic manipulation in the renal pelvis due to round wire design
  • Stone basket can be bent up to 270° in a flexible ureterorenscope
  • Small sheath diameter (1.3 FR) improves irrigation flow and permits better view

Tipless Straight:
The tipless design of the Nitinol stone retrieval baskets permits the capture of the stones even at the base of the kidney's calyxes and reduces at the same time the risk of mucosal damage and perforation

Tip Straight and Tip Helical:

  • Straight and Helical Nitinol stone retrieval baskets with tip are made out of one single slotted wire in order to provide increased radial forces
  • Excellent 1 to 1 movement of the basket facilitates stone capture
  • The handle is completely detachable



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