Made from extruded monofilament polypropylene fibre: Surgimesh is a knitted, run-resistant, transparent and non reabsorbable mesh. Suitable for open or laparoscopic hernia repair.


Specifically designed for the treatment of hernias and eventrations by laparoscopic or open surgery.


SURGIMESH® 1 & 2 is a knitted reinforcement net:

  • ladderproof
  • comfortable
  • transparent
  • non-absorbable
  • free from any derivatives of animal or human origin

detailed mesh pictureSURGIMESH® 1 & 2 was specially designed to furnish a resistant structure appreciated by practitioners.



100% extruded monofilament polypropylene.




High physical characteristics:

  • excellent mechanical holding with time
  • chemical inertia [biocompatibility]
  • non-pyrogenic
  • low density [85g/m2 for SURGIMESH® 1 and 110g/m2 for SURGIMESH® 2]
  • controlled elasticity and extensibility [bidirectional]
  • flexibility of the net



  • moisture-proof [hydrophobic material]
  • mesh bursting resistance 2.3kg/cm2 for SURGIMESH® 1 and 3.9kg/cm2 for SURGIMESH® 2
  • mechanical characteristics unchanged after implanantion.


Ref: Product
Part No. SurgiMesh 1 & 2
2812p / 7812g SurgiMesh 8x12cm, Thread 0.14mm / Thread 0.20mm
63715p / 64715g SurgiMesh 7.5x15cm, Thread 0.14mm / Thread 0.20mm
31013p / 81013g SurgiMesh 10x13cm, Thread 0.14mm / Thread 0.20mm
41515p / 91515p SurgiMesh 15x15cm, Thread 0.14mm / Thread 0.20mm
361518p SurgiMesh 15x18cm, Thread 0.14mm
371530p SurgiMesh 15x30cm, Thread 0.14mm
53030p / 103030g SurgiMesh 30x30cm, Thread 0.14mm / Thread 0.20mm
511015p SurgiMesh 10x15cm, Thread 0.14mm
59611p / 57611p SurgiMesh 6x11cm, Thread 0.14mm / Thread 0.20mm
Part No. SurgiMesh OVAL and 1/2 OVAL
15613p / 18613g SurgiMesh 1/2 OVAL, 6x13cm, Thread 0.14mm / Thread 0.20mm
40613p / 39613g SurgiMesh 1/2 OVAL, 6x13cm, FPD, Thread 0.14mm / Thread 0.20mm
30613p / 32613g SurgiMesh 1/2 OVAL, 6x13cm, FP, Thread 0.14mm / Thread 0.20mm
541115p SurgiMesh OVAL, 11x15cm, Thread 0.14mm
551014p SurgiMesh OVAL, 10x14cm, Thread 0.14mm
56913p SurgiMesh OVAL, 9x13cm, Thread 0.14mm
Part No. SurgiMesh ALFI (CLIP)
38410g SurgiMesh ALFI, 4.5x10cm, Thread 0.20mm
47410p / 33410g SurgiMesh ALFI, 4.5x10cm, FP, Thread 0.20mm
71136pc SurgiMesh ALFI CLIP, 13x6cm, Thread 0.14mm
Part No. SurgiMesh ROUND
3166p SurgiMesh ROUND 6cm diameter, Thread 0.14mm
6210g SurgiMesh ROUND 10cm diameter, FIL 0.20mm
Part No. SurgiMesh B
681014p SurgiMesh B 10x14cm, Thread 0.14mm


3 to 5 meshes per box

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