SurgiMesh Incisional Mesh XB

Surgimesh Incisional Mesh XB

Micro-perforated implant made of two different layers: A non woven and non knitted 100% polypropylene that keeps the characteristics and features of the SURGIMESH XB range. It guarantees tissue integration and avoids the mesh migration as well as the risk of serum build up. It has a layer of thin silicone limiting the risk of visceral adhesion.


Treatment of umbilical hernias and eventrations by laparoscopic or open surgery.


SURGIMESH®XB is a microperforated double-faced implant made of 2 distinct faces:

  • 1 face 100% non-knitted, non-woven polypropylene that has same characteristics and performances than SURGIMESH®WN range
  • 1 very thin anti-adherent silicone face that ensures a great flexibility


SURGIMESH®XB is long-term compatible implant. 


mesh xb

The polypropylene face:

  • ensures a quick and important tissue integration
  • avoids migration of the mesh is perforated in order to avoid seroma risk

The silicone face:

  • limits visceral adherences 

SURGIMESH®XB keeps all the advantages of our surgical implants:

  • ladderproof
  • comfortable
  • better visibility for easier implanation
  • non-absorbable
  • free from any derivatives of animal or human origin


  • long-term chemical inertia [biocompatibility]
  • high physical and mechanical characteristics that remain unchanged after implanantion
  • resistance to suture


Ref: Product
Part No. SurgiMesh XB
Tintra C 10 SurgiMesh XB diameter 10cm (with central thread)
Tintra F (C12) SurgiMesh XB diameter 12.5cm (with central thread)
Tintra R (C15) SurgiMesh XB diameter 15cm (with central thread)
Tintra S (R1415) SurgiMesh XB 14x15cm
Tintra M (E1522) SurgiMesh XB 22x15x10cm
Tintra L (E3030) SurgiMesh XB 30x30x20cm
Tintra O 2636 SurgiMesh XB OVALE 26x36cm
Tintra XS (R812) SurgiMesh XB  8x12cm
Tintra XM (R1015) SurgiMesh XB  10x15cm
Tintra XL (R2030) SurgiMesh XB  20x30cm
Tintra P SurgiMesh XB  diameter 7cm with umbrella system


 1 mesh per box

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