SurgiMesh PET

Surgimesh PET

Polyester abdominal reinforcement material or mesh.


Treatment of hernias and eventrations by laparoscopic or open surgery.


Device with bidimensional [2D] structure, Very easy to use, its structure makes the insertion of the mesh easier. Recommended for laparoscopic surgery.

Device with tridimensional [3D] structure, very soft, Simple, light and porous structure leading to a very good tissue integration. Reduces post-operative pain. Recommended for open surgery.


Different models of SURGIMESH® PETmesh PET 2D and 3D

  • 2D: 130g/m2
  • 3D: 75g/m2


100% knitted multifilament polyester

mesh PET 1Advantages:

Largely used in surgery, PET shows:

  • a high mechanical resistance
  • a better long-term tolerance
  • an excellent tissue integration




Ref: Product
Part No. SurgiMesh PET
P1515 SurgiMesh PET 15x15cm
P3030 SurgiMesh PET 30x30cm
P1114D SurgiMesh PET Anatomique "D" 11x14cm, "No Touch System"
P1114G SurgiMesh PET Anatomique "G" 11x14cm, "No Touch System"
P1512 SurgiMesh PET Anatomique 15x12cm
P1411 SurgiMesh PET Anatomique 14x11cm
3D1215e SurgiMesh PET Anatomique 3D 12x15cm (4.7x6")
P3X813 SurgiMesh PET 8x13cm (3D netting)
P3X813 - SR SurgiMesh PET SELF 8x13cm (3D netting)
P3X3030 SurgiMesh PET 30x30cm (3D netting)
P3X1515 SurgiMesh PET 15x15cm (3D netting)
P3X1015 SurgiMesh PET 10x15cm (3D netting)


3 to 5 meshes per box

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